It’s that time again.

On July 1st we will kick off our 9th trip around the sun with Miracles LIVE 365! 

A fearless group of spiritual leaders, miracle workers, and ministers of love will set off on a year-long adventure together. We will spend the year unearthing, revealing, healing, forgiving, transforming, creating and of course LAUGHING. I am hoping you will hop on board with us.  

If you not sure, I get it! When I first said YES to Miracles Live 365, I had no idea what it was, how I would do it, or where it would take me. But I gave the Holy Spirit my little willingness and I am so glad that I did. During the last 8 rounds of Miracles Live 365, I’ve seen miracles where I once saw lack and limitation and I have been given solutions where I once saw dead ends. Today I trust that I live in the audaciousness of God’s love and I know for sure its because I said, “YES.”

If you have any questions about the program leave it in the comments below or book yourself a FREE session with me and I can walk you through the program. 

If you’re ready to get on the course and sign up for MiraclesLIVE365 CLICK HERE. And if you hop on COURSE before July 15th be sure to use the promo code FREE MIRACLE and get a month FREE! 

No matter if you decided to join us on the calls or not, I know 2017 will continue to be a wonderful and blessed time for you and I wish you continued blessings & miracles!