Hugging is funny.  It’s an interesting and intimate act that can sometimes cause social discomfort. This past week I witnessed two men have a heart-to-heart conversation. It was beyond beautiful. At the end, one said to the other, “This is corny, but do you want to hug it out.” And then they did.

The next day I was on the MiraclesLIVE365 call and heard Christine and America (two of the Miracle Mavens of the Morning) talking about “hug therapy”. Basically, you hug someone for fifteen minutes…. straight. I was intrigued but also a little creeped out,  to be honest, long hugs have the potential of making my skin crawl. I have a good friend who hosts “cuddle-fests” and although the idea brings to mind a sleeping cluster of kittens, the reality makes me nervous.  I know I am not alone.

However, since we are in the business of “loving more” I am open to testing out the trend of fifteen-minute hugs. What better way to transfer love? After all, a hug is a perfect symbol for how giving and receiving are one in the same. You can’t argue with that. A good hug is like a song in a musical. It takes over where words leave off.

So I’ve made a commitment to testing out the fifteen-minute hug theory. But first I had to do a little research. Here’s what I found…

History of the word “hug”

The origins of the word are unknown but two theories exist. The first is that the verb “hug” (first used in the 1560s) could be related to the Old Norse word hugga, which meant to comfort. The second theory is that the word is related to the German word hegen which means to foster or cherish and originally meant to enclose with a hedge. That sure is a nice twist on “building a wall.”

For the record.

The largest group hug consisted of 10,554 people in an event organized by Bear Hug III (Canada) at the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on 7 May 2010. Cuddlefest and steroids.

Healing properties of a Hug.

Science is backing up what we have always known, hugs make you feel better. New research out of Carnegie Mellon indicates that connecting with others,  especially through physical touch, can actually protect us from stress-induced sickness.

FREE hugs

Carol CC Miller has been handing out FREE hugs for years. She hosts a FREE Hug meet-up twice a month at Old Water Tower Park in Chicago! More info. 

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