Today I am going to Bedhead Boudoir to get my picture taken for the cover of my book. I am so happy that I made this investment in myself and my business. Being a Spiritual Vixen is all about showing up, speaking the truth, paying attention, loving like crazy and expressing unconditional happiness. So today I will be showing up, celebrating my Vixen and delighting in my sexuality.

The Bedhead Boudoir website says to imagine “surprising your partner with a photo album filled with stunning sexy images of you.” I had not really imagined that. Yes, I am sure my partner Will is going to enjoy the photo, but I am not doing this for him. I am doing this for me… and my business.

My business? I am taking sexy shots for my business? Yes, I guess I am. As it turns out my business is Spirituality with a splash of sexy. Kind of an oxymoron that shaking salt on ice cream and I don’t care.  Being a Spiritual Vixen is about telling the authentic truth and the truth is I happen to love being sexy.  I love red pumps and lipstick and curls and lace and the whole dressing room diva display. I love beauty. I love living large and in charge and inspiring other’s to dare to live an unapologetic life. That’s my business and my body of work. So today I will be sporting lingerie, and smokey eyes and posing provocatively in celebration of my ownership. Fuck yeah! And that makes me happy, and we all deserve to be happy.

When my kids were younger I have a babysitter who was not comfortable with dthe boundless nature of happiness. Whenever my kids were horsing around and kicking up sand and laughing too hard, she would point a finger at them and say, “play properly!” The first time she did it, it made me laugh… the second time… well,  let’s just say she did not last long. But on days like this when I am really pushing the boundaries of fun, I can feel her over my shoulder getting ready to point her fearful finger. There are a million ways the world will try and prevent you from being in your joyful, juicy spot. Don’t let them stop you.

I grew up stuffing my sexuality under the rug, thinking that it was shameful to show-off and be sexy and that spirituality and sexuality were like oil and vinegar. I really believe that illusion is where most of our problems begin. But I am not buying it ans I am not selling it, that broken idea is NOT my business.

But I was born to be a Spiritual Vixen, a girl who giggles in church, a woman who prays like a pope and swears like a pirate and does not apologize for a scrap of it. Does Sexy mix with spiritual? Should I play/pray more properly? Fuck no. That would take all the fun away and happiness is my function. As I delighted in my children’s mad and messy ways, so God delights in me, and YOU. In fact, God is totally crushing. She told me so Herself.