Making up your mind, decided on something, it’s not always easy. When you say, “yes” to one thing you say, “no” to a million other options. Add that math to the new epidemic of FOMO (fear of missing out) and we find ourself either spread too thin or in the painful position of stagnation and riding the fence.

Why is all of this decision making so hard? Because we still believe in wrong turns. There are no wrong turns in love. Everything can be used for a higher good. We may not trust each other or ourselves, but we can trust God to deliver us to our most optimal state of happiness and freedom. If we knew this we would leave all decision making to the Source who holds the map. We would allow ourselves to be where we are in love and to love the ones we are with. It’s does not need to be hard.

We are each all the time at choice. God has trusted us with the ability to choose love. When we side with love, we have chosen with God who makes all the decisions for us. So in reality, we really only have one choose to make and we can’t screw it up because even if we did choose fear instead of love, God waits patiently at the gate for our return from insainity and when we arrive she holds open her arms and welcomes us home, no questions asked.

 And so, before we make anything up, we pause to think how much our God loves us. And how dear we are to God, how impeccably we have been created by Love, for love, and in love. As we remember ourSelves, we will be gently guided along the way on course with only love.


Maureen Muldoon is Maureen Muldoon, an authentic, one of a kind, masterpiece, authored by Love. She is a Spiritual Vixen, a happiness Pied Piper, and intuitive vision caster, writer, speaker, storyteller and thought leader. She is the spiritual director of SpeakEasy Spiritual Community and creative director of Voice Box. She hosts conversations that inspire individuals and organizations to get on course with their own brilliance. She blogs at ~ and Vlogs on YOUTUBE